Art Conversations

The reopening of the Palazzo Cini Gallery provides the opportunity to address and explore some major art history issues in a unique setting and fitting home for a collection of masterpieces. In fact the Gallery features Tuscan and Ferrarese paintings by Giunta Pisano, Botticelli, Cosmè Tura and Dosso Dossi as well as wood sculptures, enamelled copper items made in Venice, Mediaeval and Renaissance ivories, porcelain and furnishings.
Visitors to the newly reopened fascinating museum house will also be able to attend a series of “conversations” open to everyone – connoisseurs, enthusiasts or even people just beginning to take an interest in art. The programme consists of regular meetings at the Gallery with art historians, who will engage in captivating discussions of the gallery’s history and collections.

Every Wednesday at 6 pm
From 25 June to 23 July
A maximum of twenty people can attend at the price of the admission ticket to the gallery.
Booking required:

The Story of the Gallery

25 June: What is a house museum?
with Rémi Wacogne, Giorgio Cini Foundation Institute of Art History

2 July: Vittorio Cini as collector
with Chiara Ceschi, Giorgio Cini Foundation Institute of Art History

Exploring the Works in the Collection

9 July: Recently restored works in the Gallery: the 14th-century triptych by Lorenzo di Niccolò and Nino Pisano’s wood statue of the Virgin and Child
Restorers Milena Dean and Claudia Vittori will illustrate their conservation work

16 July: The “Fortune of the Primitives” in the Vittorio Cini Collection
with Gianluca Tormen, curator of the exhibition “The Fortune of the Primitives”. Art Treasures from 18th- and 19th-Century Collections (Florence, Galleria dell’Accademia, 24 June – 8 December 2014)

23 July: The Officina Ferrarese in the Renaissance. Estense painting in the Vittorio Cini Collection
with Alessandro Martoni, Giorgio Cini Foundation Institute of Art History


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